Sector Trends

Edible Oils: Urges hike in customs duty (27-Feb, 20:23 Hrs IST)

Zinc: Wants excise duty to be cut (27-Feb, 20:16 Hrs IST)

Economic Survey FY 2007: Solid Growth but high inflation is a concern (27-Feb, 19:53 Hrs IST)

Earth Moving & Construction Equipment: Anticipates removal of negative protection (27-Feb, 16:17 Hrs IST)

Cigarettes: Does not want VAT (27-Feb, 12:40 Hrs IST)

Travel & Tourism: Wants 10-year tax holiday for all tourism projects (27-Feb, 12:17 Hrs IST)

Leather: Longing for customs duty reduction on rubber (27-Feb, 11:45 Hrs IST)

Telecom Equipment: Needs reduction in excise duty on equipment (27-Feb, 11:10 Hrs IST)

Electric machinery: Can trip on cut in peak customs duty (26-Feb, 20:33 Hrs IST)

Airconditioners: Hoping for cuts in customs duty on inputs (26-Feb, 20:29 Hrs IST)

Bearings: Hopes for cheaper imported inputs (26-Feb, 20:27 Hrs IST)

Cement Products: Impacted by rising cement prices (26-Feb, 20:23 Hrs IST)

Stainless steel: Expects removal of customs duty on ferro nickel stainless steel scrap (26-Feb, 20:18 Hrs IST)

Man-Made Fibres: Wants level-playing field with cotton textile (26-Feb, 20:07 Hrs IST)

Computer Hardware: Wants status quo on duty structure (26-Feb, 20:04 Hrs IST)

Auto commercial vehicle: Increase custom duty (26-Feb, 20:01 Hrs IST)

Railway Budget-2007-08: Merry growth on market sensitive approach (26-Feb, 19:30 Hrs IST)

Passenger Vehicles: Pinning hopes on duty reduction (26-Feb, 16:57 Hrs IST)

Auto two- three-wheelers: Reducing excise duty to 8% can work wonders (26-Feb, 16:50 Hrs IST)

Electric Fans: Will be hit if peak customs duties are cut (26-Feb, 14:24 Hrs IST)

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