Sector Trends

Hotels: No benefit to frontline hotel companies (28-Feb, 21:37 Hrs IST)

Cement Products: Peak customs duty on asbestos cement fibre reduced to 10% (28-Feb, 21:35 Hrs IST)

Plywood: Rejoices excise duty cut (28-Feb, 21:34 Hrs IST)

Oil and refineries: Excise duty on fuels cut (28-Feb, 20:40 Hrs IST)

Aluminium: Virtually sidelined (28-Feb, 20:37 Hrs IST)

Power: Long term capacity addition (28-Feb, 20:33 Hrs IST)

Ferro Alloys: Excise duty on ferro alloy slag retained (28-Feb, 20:31 Hrs IST)

Cement: Hurt by differential excise duty (28-Feb, 20:24 Hrs IST)

IT-ITES Sector: FBT on ESOPs may hurt more than levy of tax MAT (28-Feb, 20:20 Hrs IST)

Telecom Services: Committee to be formed for uniform rate of license fee as revenue share (28-Feb, 20:16 Hrs IST)

Iron ore: Export duty of Rs 300/MT levied on iron ore and concentrates (28-Feb, 20:14 Hrs IST)

Auto two wheelers & three wheelers: Skids on being skipped! (28-Feb, 17:30 Hrs IST)

Passenger Vehicles: Big car manufacturers disappointed (28-Feb, 17:27 Hrs IST)

Steel: Customs duty on primary steel retined at 5% (28-Feb, 16:10 Hrs IST)

Textile Machinery: Seeking extension of TUFS (27-Feb, 21:22 Hrs IST)

Real Estate: Wants industry status (27-Feb, 20:59 Hrs IST)

Shipping: The sector attempts to exempt service tax (27-Feb, 20:57 Hrs IST)

Color Picture Tubes: Urges cut in customs duty on glass parts (27-Feb, 20:47 Hrs IST)

Breweries & Distilleries: Players seek status quo on indirect taxes to be maintained (27-Feb, 20:44 Hrs IST)

Glass & Glass Products: Desires reduction in excise duty on glass (27-Feb, 20:33 Hrs IST)

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