Sector Trends

Telecom Equipment: 4% CVD exemption extended (2-Mar, 13:10 Hrs IST)

Paper & Paper Products: Costs reduce but import threat looms (2-Mar, 12:47 Hrs IST)

Petrochemicals: Select downstream producers impacted (1-Mar, 19:16 Hrs IST)

Pharma: In the pink of health (1-Mar, 19:06 Hrs IST)

Pumps: Solid benefits (1-Mar, 19:04 Hrs IST)

Civil Aviation: No major impact as most players prefer large aircrafts (1-Mar, 18:39 Hrs IST)

Copper: No sector specific change (1-Mar, 17:19 Hrs IST)

Mutual Funds: Hurt by spike in dividend distribution tax (1-Mar, 17:15 Hrs IST)

Ceramic Tiles: Peak import duty on tiles reduced to 10% (1-Mar, 17:11 Hrs IST)

Sugar: Union Budget 2007-08 disappoints the industry (1-Mar, 17:09 Hrs IST)

Computer Hardware Change to RSP based assessment (1-Mar, 17:05 Hrs IST)

Shipping: Budget benefits dredging corporation only (1-Mar, 17:02 Hrs IST)

Capital Goods: Neither cheer nor grief (1-Mar, 15:04 Hrs IST)

Real Estate: Costs to escalate on differential excise duty on cement (1-Mar, 14:36 Hrs IST)

Fertilizer: Subsidies are to rise (1-Mar, 14:10 Hrs IST)

IT Training Boosted by increased allocation to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (1-Mar, 12:44 Hrs IST)

Paints: Costs to ease on peak customs duty reduction (28-Feb, 22:22 Hrs IST)

Banks: Fail to get level playing field (28-Feb, 22:20 Hrs IST)

Cigarettes: Excise duty increased by 5% (28-Feb, 21:47 Hrs IST)

Food Processing: Optimal beneficiary (28-Feb, 21:39 Hrs IST)

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