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Nifty Pharma 20844.55 (1.13)

Nifty Smallcap 100 19047.7 (0.52)

15 Jul, EOD - Global

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HANG SENG 17791.59 (-1.25)

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(08 Jun 2024, 16:30)

KEC Intl bags orders worth Rs 1,061 cr

The RPG Group company on Friday announced that it has secured new orders worth Rs 1,061 crore across its various businesses.

The company’s transmission & distribution (T&D) business received orders for T&D projects in India and East Asia Pacific and Americas.

The orders entail transmission lines and substation order from a reputed private developer in India, additional order for a transmission line in Malaysia and supply of towers, hardware and poles in America.

Subsequently, the firm’s Railways business has secured orders in the technologically enabled or conventional segments in India. The firm received Maiden order for composite gauge conversion works and setting up of power supply system, including receiving substation, high voltage cabling and associated civil works, from Bengaluru Metro Rail Corporation (BMRC).

Lastly, the cables business has also bagged orders for supply of conductors and ...

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