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(23 Feb 2024, 11:53)

Centre facilitates mutually agreed price of Potash Derived from Molasses at Rs 4263 per tonne for sale by sugar mills to fertilizer companies

The Central Government has facilitated mutually agreed price of Potassium Derived from Molasses (PDM) at Rs 4263/MT for sale by sugar mills to fertilizer companies for the current year. In addition, PDM Manufacturers can also claim subsidy at Rs. 345/Ton at present rates under Nutrients Based Subsidy Scheme (NBS) of Department of Fertilizers. Now, both, sugar mills and fertilizer companies are discussing modalities to enter into long-term sale/purchase agreement on PDM.

PDM, a potassium rich fertilizer derived from ash in molasses based distilleries is a by-product of sugar based ethanol industry. These distilleries produce a waste chemical called spent wash during production of ethanol which is burnt in Incineration Boiler (IB) generating Ash to achieve Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD...

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