14 Jun, EOD - Indian

SENSEX 76992.77 (0.24)

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Nifty Bank 50002 (0.31)

Nifty IT 34598.55 (-0.87)

Nifty Midcap 100 55225.95 (1.05)

Nifty Next 50 71892.15 (1.48)

Nifty Pharma 19895.65 (0.29)

Nifty Smallcap 100 18043.6 (0.76)

14 Jun, EOD - Global

NIKKEI 225 38814.56 (0.24)

HANG SENG 17941.78 (-0.94)

DOW JONES 38589.16 (-0.15)

S&P 5431.6 (-0.04)

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(08 Mar 2024, 17:01)

Servotech partners for domestic production of EV charger components

Servotech Power Systems said that it has secured a technical collaboration with a leading international company to bolster the nation's self-sufficiency in critical EV charger components.

The company is constructing a cutting-edge manufacturing facility focused on the production of Power Modules, Control Circuits, and PLCs – essential elements at the core of EV chargers. This move marks a decisive shift away from reliance on imports and positions India as a key player in the global EV charger supply chain.

The company said that the new plant will have an initial annual production capacity of 24,000 power modules and will ramp up its production capacity to 2.4 lakh power modules annually in order to cater with the rapidly growing Indian EV market which will require around 6 lakh units annually. This scalable approach demonstrates its ambition to capture a significant share of the expanding EV charging sector. The new plant is expected to be fully operational by December ...

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